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Jazz Souffle’ will make you hungry for more!

We are proud to introduce you to Jazz Souffle’ — a HOT & TASTY blend of French Gypsy and Traditional American Jazz all served up by three Connoisseurs of the Art…. that’s JAZZ SOUFFLE’

Jazz Souffle 1aGypsy jazz (also known as gypsy swing or hot club jazz) is a style of jazz music often said to have been started by guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt in the 1930s. Because its origins are largely in France it is often called by the French name, “jazz manouche”, or alternatively, “manouche jazz”, even in English language sources. Django was foremost among a group of Gypsy guitarists working in and around Paris in the 1930s through the 1950s

A Souffle combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word souffle is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up”—an apt description of what happens to this combination of inspired, experienced, talent musicians with great attitudes.



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